Task Management

Task Management tool
designed to be agile

Help your team get things done faster. Organize information, tasks and events without changing the existing processes of your company.

BRIX Low-code platform provides a task management tool that is tailored to your needs and can be implemented on the fly.

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What is Enterprise Task Management?

Enterprise task management includes a variety of features, from a simple to-do list
to comprehensive tasks with pre-built forms and custom action buttons.

You may want to use the 4-eyes principle, delegate or escalate tasks, track their status,
or measure efficiency. As a Low-code solution, BRIX delivers the very features you need
to enhance your teams performance.

6 key benefits of using
Task management software

Keep tasks
in one place

Create a custom workplace, assign tasks, set deadlines and track the progress


With an in-built chat linked to each task, you won’t miss a single detail


Get reports on your team’s performance and manage the efficiency of your team members

Improve decision-making speed

With custom forms, you can create industry-specific tasks, attach files, and provide instructions on how to get the task done.


Schedule tasks in the Calendar and share it with your team. Get notified when a team member has too much work and can’t take any more tasks.

Never miss

Prioritize your tasks according to deadlines, track their statuses, or add escalation in critical situations.

Learn more about unlimited Low-code
Task Management features

Tasks to ensure better
performance and productivity

View all tasks, schedule and prioritize them, and monitor the deadlines on one page.

Pre-built task form to get results on time

You can set a deadline for completing a task and
set up notifications for any delays.

Task form customization

All forms are created in a graphic designer and
can be shaped to match the data in the business process.

Subtasks and Checklists

Plan each step by adding checklists within tasks.
BRIX helps you keep everything in order.

And there’s more:

Live chats and

for a more efficient team collaboration

Custom reports
and dashboards

to manage your team’s performance


to track the workload, schedule meetings and shared events.

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