CRM + Procurement

Tailor-made CRM
and Procurement
Management Features

Use Low-code technologies to create a
customizable CRM at low cost.

Trusted by 3000+ enterprise customers

Take the best out of CRM features

Start in minutes with out-of-box CRM

We’ve already created a powerful CRM tool for you.
All you need is to tailor it to your specific needs.

No-code integration with
your website or landing page

Easily create a web form and add it to your
website to get customers’ information.

Orchestrate your sales

Create Pipelines, Sales funnels, qualify leads
and track their statuses.

Business processes to support
your Sales needs

Let your sales team become part of services
and products involving it in multi-department processes.

Collaboration tools

Make calls directly from BRIX interface or use integration
with messengers to keep all customer requests in one place.

Keep you Sales and Procurement processes unique to outpace your competitors

Custom CRM for your needs with Low-code and No-code tools.

Take Total Control
over Your

  • Easily pass your purchase-related
    data to your financial software

  • Keep track of your purchase requests

  • Use advanced forms and calculated
    fields for tasks and documents

  • Create Purchase orders and invoices
    from template

  • Generate reports and get
    data-driven insights

Built for scalability

1-3 months

Quick implementation

10-50 hours of training

Easy to learn. Fast training for 
developers and administrators

Grows with your business

Easily adapts to change and new practices

1-3 business days

To build a new enterprise-grade business app

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