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HR automation

How to maintain flexibility, cut expenses
and get rid of HR routine

Business goals

"RIT Team" is a company that offers both products and services. For 17 years is has been developing IT systems of different complexity, as well as providing support and maintenance. "Bankruptcy commissioner assistant", "F-Analysis", are "HUDWAY" are just some of the company's products.

Implementation goals

  • Automate HR process and maintain flexibility
  • Set priorities for key employees
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining HR processes
  • Reduce the cost and amount of routine in business processes
  • 90-120 thousand per year

    was saved by freeing the
    HR employees
    from routine operations

  • 2 hours per week

    instead of 2 hours per day are spent on
    administration of HR

  • < 1 hour

    instead of 3 to 5 hours per week an
    HR employee
    spends on processing employee requests

"We kept losing things, thus slowing down our processes, and, as a result, causing money loss — this was our main concern. At the same time, we didn't want to fit the processes into particular limits. We are a flexible company, and it was important for us to stay that way, without tons of paper instructions and excessive procedures. We wanted to maintain the flexibility of our processes, yet get rid of Google documents, and stop exchanging information through messengers and emails"

Anna Ryabchikova
Anna Ryabchikova
HR manager

What problems BRIX solves

  • Overpayments and loss of applications

    All information is kept in one system

  • Valuable working time is spent on reminders and communications

    Streamlined processes and statuses

  • Candidate data is stored all over the place: in folders, emails, and messengers

    A unified candidate database with file attachments and comments

How BRIX operates in
"RIT Team"

BRIX contains the entire candidate database. The candidate file contains all the completed test tasks, comments made by the HRs and the candidate's superior, possible positions in the company, employment date and so on. After termination, the employee's file is kept in the system, so in case there is a need to retrieve this information or rehire the person, it can be easily restored and updated.

"When it comes to interviewing candidates, each of our departments has its own procedures. Some positions require two interviews and a test task, other positions require three interviews and no task at all. At the same time, a third position might have completely different requirements. There was constant confusion. We lost test tasks, offered inappropriate salaries, used URLs to add comments of employees' superiors, stored everything in folders. Totally inconvenient. Now everything is organized in BRIX. All we have to do is specify the position that the candidate is applying for, and the system will route the application for approval. This process had to be flexible. We wanted to be able to specify an additional interview for a candidate, or, for example, assign them with a test task. We managed to achieve all of it".

Anna Ryabchikova
Anna Ryabchikova
HR manager

Previously, when onboarding a new hire, the HR employee had to manually notify the team about that person's first working day. BRIX has a simple onboarding process that includes HR, department heads, Accounting, IT, and the office manager.

By the moment the new hire comes to the office, their desk is ready for work. They have a profile in the system and have accounts in all the services that we use for work. HR employees don't have to keep everything in mind. The system notifies them about every step of the process, so there is time for other tasks.

"We also automated the probationary period process. Now, once the three probationary months are over, the system notifies me and assigns me with a task to talk to the employee and his or her superior, gather feedback and negotiate the salary. If the person decides to stay in our company, and there is a salary increase, the process is routed to the accountant. The system notifies me about every completed step."

Anna Ryabchikova
Anna Ryabchikova
HR manager

We used to actually lose leave request forms. So the company would end paying up paying the salary as if the employee was working the entire time instead of being on a leave.

With BRIX, the employees fill in the leave form online, and it is then sent for approval. This way, the form cannot be lost, and the managers, HRs, accountants, and the employees themselves are always aware of the leave request status. Moreover, each employee can see how many days or hours of leave they are entitled to and can plan their vacation accordingly. HR employees do not waste time on monitoring the process.

"We used to route all the leave requests by email. First, the employees would send them to their superiors. Then the superiors would send them to the Executive Manager for approval. Finally, the Executive Manager would then send the approved requests to the accounting department. After that, the HRs would enter the information into a spreadsheet. We allow our employees to divide their annual leave into any number of parts, even divide it by hours. So I would spend 2 hours a day with my calculator, entering all this data into my spreadsheet.

Anna Ryabchikova
Anna Ryabchikova
HR manager

"When terminating an employee, you have to disable all their accounts and access permissions, and calculate their final pay. Before automation, we used to send a message to the system administrator about the accounts, send a separate email to the accountant about the final pay, as well as notify the department head and the office manager. Everything had be controled, everyone had to be reminded. Now the system automatically assigns a task to each person involved in the process. The tasks contain information about the termination and provide instructions".

Anna Ryabchikova
Anna Ryabchikova
HR manager

"At the moment we feel the need to automate contract management in BRIX. Next, as part of project profitability calculation, we want to automate task duration assessment and tracking. Oh, and accounting reports, too. Our internal procedures require automation and, of course, we are planning to do it with BRIX. BRIX has proven to be flexible and reliable — just the right fit for us."

Ivan Klabukov
Ivan Klabukov

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