GS Nanotech

Success story

Automating end-to-end processes
for the expanded product line: what is the profit?

GS Nanotech

Business tasks and goals

GS Nanotech is one of Europe’s leading microelectronics manufacturing, packaging, and testing companies.

Implementation goals

  • Create a single information space
  • Ensure the efficient operation of the end-to-end processes
  • Increase the number of stock items

“The main reason why we decided on automation is fast company growth. From 1-2 products we rapidly switched to dozens. When we had one product, the process model was clear. As the number of products increased, the number of processes and regulations expanded. The processes became complicated and chaotic, the amount of paperwork was overloading. As a result, the orders were not meeting the deadlines. We got caught up in paper chase, the deadlines expired. We wanted to make progress and stock more items.”

Olga Davidova
Olga Davidova

Leading business analyst, GS Nanotech developer

  • 10 time faster

    training process

  • 30% faster

    documents are approved

  • up to 90%

    of manual operations in supporting process
    were reduced

  • 100%

    of employees work in BRIX BPM

  • 2

    GS Nanotech employees have implemented
    the BRIX system without assistance

What BRIX can handle

  • Losses due to unstructured complex processes

    A sharp increase in the number of products and regulations led to a growing number of processes. Employees from different departments performed the same tasks duplicating data in Excel tables. The amount of paperwork has increased, and the deadlines started to expire.

    Effective end-to-end processes

    The structural interaction of all departments made it possible to clearly distribute responsibilities. With BRIX, you can quickly make changes in the long purchasing process. End-to-end processes take into account all the prompt changes. The digital footprint is kept in the system, the orders are structured.

  • Dealing with purchases by the mail, losing data

    Emails were used as the main tool for processing the documents that were kept in hard copy. The information was getting lost in stacks of papers and correspondence. The processes were not transparent.

    BRIX helps coordinate work

    No paperwork, all the processes have moved to BRIX. The documents are stored together, the processes are transparent, the clients are more satisfied. Objective analytics, easy troubleshooting.

  • Data loss in information systems

    We used to run processes in multiple systems:1С, MES, and others. The information kept getting lost and was not easily available.

    Seamless integration

    BRIX seamlessly integrates processes of all the company systems. Including cmNavigo for managing the production. BRIX analyses equipment status. The integration significantly saves the budget.

Konstantin Skrebov

Konstantin Skrebov

BRIX has become the company single information space, which stores all the main processes: automated workflows, executive training, end-to-end and service processes, employee coordination. Anyone having access to BRIX has all the corporate information.

Konstantin Skrebov
Konstantin Skrebov

Head of the quality service

BRIX in GS Nanotech

“Before BRIX, we used to receive all the purchase requests in Excel tables format. After that, a free supplier picked the request. Sometimes the requests were ignored and got lost. The supplier recorded the data: he entered it in another table, manually assigned the request number, specified the initiator, and sent a letter to the budget holder for coordination. When approving the invoice, it might turn out that there were no funds in the budget. Now we approve the potential applications at the first stages to avoid such financial risks. Each request is going to be proceeded”

Olga Davidova
Olga Davidova

Leading business analyst, GS Nanotech developer

BRIX provides the initiator with the previously used purchase templates. After that, the filled request is sent to the budget holder for approval. Then the Logistics Manager approves the application, designates the responsible employee, verifies the correctness, and sets the priority. The responsible employees have access to all the information about the delivery status: its location, times of arrival, etc.

“The quality service audits each process for compliance with internal regulations and standards at least once a year. As a result, we determine the effectiveness and improve processes. Before using BRIX an audit took around 5 hours a week, now it has reduced to 15 minutes.”

Olga Davidova
Olga Davidova

Leading business analyst, GS Nanotech developer

Earlier we used to have separate Excel tables for each audit. We would send the final document approval by mail, print it out, and keep it in hard copy. Thanks to BRIX, GS Nanotech replaced the paper documents with the information in the system, reducing time for audits and approvals. Now we can easily transform and improve our processes.

“We had an external application that extracted the production data from MES and put it in separate files. BRIX updates the data every hour. The file contains information about the status of the equipment: the regular and technical maintenance dates and breakdowns. So the quality control department and the maintenance department are always aware of the current manufacturing situation. They can quickly deal with the problem.”

Olga Davidova
Olga Davidova

Leading business analyst, GS Nanotech developer