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How Anorbank became the first fully‑digital bank in Uzbekistan, with BRIX


About the Project

Anorbank is the first bank in Uzbekistan to go fully digital that provides services without making the customers go to the office. This project is truly unique: it was implemented during the pandemic and included integrations with various IT systems. BRIX and Anorbank worked closely together from the very first day.

This was a project of TUNE Consulting, BRIX’s partner in Uzbekistan. Farhod Obidhonov, the founder of TUNE Consulting, spoke to the deputy chairman of the board and IT director of Anorbank Nuriddin Khamidov.


First digital bank in Uzbekistan


Certified BRIX partner

F.O.: Tell us briefly about your organization.

Н.Х.: Anorbank is the first truly and completely digital bank in Uzbekistan. Despite the fact that we opened at the end of 2020, all services are available on the website, in the mobile application or in the 24/7 contact center.

This concept is totally in sync with the modern lifestyle. People in our country have become more mobile, they prefer to use digital technologies and online services wherever they are, 24/7. We do not have standard offices in the city, we are available on all the mobile devices across the country.

We also made a huge effort to make it possible to process any request in the shortest time while maintaining an individual approach to each client and guaranteeing data security.

The strategy we have chosen towards digital banking motivates us to be always open to new ideas. Our staff is not quite what you would expect a bank's staff to be: 70% of the team consists of IT employees - the analysts and developers who are responsible for the continuous development of our unique platform.

F.O.: Why did you choose BRIX? How did the project start?

N.H.: We needed precisely a BPM system in order to not simply describe the procedures in Word documents, but create complete digital porcesses. This was our challenge. The fact that BRIX is represented by such a well-known company as TUNE Consulting, and that is has ready-to-use localized solutions were the main criteria.

First, together with the TUNE Consulting implementation team, we identified the main business processes that, in our opinion, were critical for the launch of the new ANOR bank. These processes turned out to be the most complex not only because of the number of users and the number of different groups of the bank’s users but also because of a large number of required integrations. The credit pipeline process alone implies a quick and instant collection of client data across 10 systems, and this process is just one part of the entire client onboarding process.

The MVP (minimal viable product) of the BRIX BPM implementation project included the launch of 20 business processes that were the most complex and crucial for starting the businesss in the beginning of 2021.

As a result, we had fully-automated business processes from the very first day of the bank’s operation. This sets us apart from other banks that need to stay aligned with their existing practices and take into account how a transition to a new system can impact their users.

The implementation project itself is unique in terms of communication due to the pandemic and the number of IT systems that had to be integrated. All the work was done remotely during strict quarantine from May to December 2020. Everyone’s focus and hard work make it possible to fully launch in January 2021.

Now that the warranty period is over, we keep on developing the system ourselves. We constantly analyze the implemented processes and adapt them to keep up with the changes around us.

Anorbank team

F.O.: Who took part in the project?

N.H.: The BRIX project was basically the launch of the bank itself, so all the key employees including the top managers took part in it.

F.O.: What makes your processes unique?

N.H.: Providing remote services. Our customers do not need to go to the bank, so the client onboarding processes are unique for Uzbekistan. They include integration with RBS, the bank’s website, call center and IP-telephony as well as complex integration with our ABS.

F.O.: How has the project affected revenue, costs, quality, process duration, customer satisfaction, the company culture?

N.H.: We are expecting to reduce costs up to 40% in certain areas. We are gradually gaining complete control over our processes due to automation and KPI analysis. We are expecting full ROI in 15 months after a half-year operation of BRIX BPM.

F.О.: What is your main achievement? What advice can you give to other organizations implementing BPM?

N.H.: From the first day, be sure to know exactly which processes you want to implement. BRIX BPM is very flexible and allows implementing the same processes in different ways, as well as reusing a process in other processes .

F.О.: What are your further plans as far as the system’s development is concerned?

N.H.: Develop the system taking into account the goals set by the bank's management. Our HR department is constantly working on expanding our team of BRIX experts, and together with the vendor we hold additional training courses.

We are constantly making headway and working on improving our services, maintaining the status of the “First National Digital Bank”. We ourselves can implement new approaches to the same processes in order to keep up with the times and provide our clients with fast high-quality digital services.

Farhod Obidhonov

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