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BRIX ServiceDesk is an ITSM solution that automates the 8 core processes of service management

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Incident management

  • Ticket activity log

    Use a unified ticket interface for accurate data representation throughout the ticket lifecycle. Agents see the entire customer history on one page, and can communicate with the customer or members of their team in the same window.

  • Flexible ticket forms

    Drag and drop fields and widgets on your ticket form so that its collects only the relevant information and fits your business needs perfectly.

  • Routing and workflows

    The system automatically categorizes the requests and routes them accordingly. Routing rules are specified in the business process and allow implementing any logic you need. Manual routing is also available to supervisors via widgets.

    The solution has a built-in workflow for managing incidents in accordance with ITIL.

    Workflows are easily customizable with Low-code tools.

Change management

This set of workflows is designed to help plan a change and get approval from the advisory board. Widgets and notifications help track the current status of the change and evaluate its impact on the service and equipment.

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Knowledge management

  • Powerful solution database

    With incident management workflows you can add solutions directly to the knowledge database. To assure a high quality of your solution library, include supervisor approvals and customer rating.

  • Quick access to information

    To accelerate resolutions, agents can access solutions right from the ticket page without having to switch windows.

  • Convenient storage

    Solutions are stored in a well-structured repository that makes information retrieval fast and easy.

SLA management

BRIX ServiceDesk provides preconfigured catalogs where you can set up multiple SLA targets for different groups of customers. Link metrics to your company’s services and plans, and set up escalations for breaches to ensure timely resolution of tickets.

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Equipment management

  • Workflows for asset management

    Workflows help manage the entire lifecycle of your assets from procurement to disposal. They are available directly on the page of the asset, where the entire history of maintenance and the current tasks are also displayed.

  • Centralized repository

    A centralized repository for all your assets and the relationships amongst them. Create hierarchical lists and classify the assets according to your business specifics.

  • Monitor availability and reliability

    Use interactive widgets to monitor the current state of your equipment. In case of changes, they are easily applied to all the associated components.

  • Integration with audit systems

    Set up integrations with the monitoring and audit software used in your company to receive and manage data in one place.

Problem management

  • Proactive problem management

    Keep track of associated incidents and create solutions to automatically close all problem-related tickets. Identify the root cause and prevent problems from causing further incidents.

  • Task control

    Assign tasks to other departments when fixing a problem. Control the deadlines and quality of work done to ensure timely resolution.

  • Comprehensive framework

    Incidents, problems, change requests and assets all have relationships between them, allowing to keep operations under control and streamline service delivery.

  • Embrace data analytics

    Use built-it integration tools to connect external libraries for a thorough analysis of all your accumulated data.

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