BRIX Private Cloud

BRIX Private Cloud

New generation low-code BPM platform is made for large organizations and allows developing a feature-rich system in a private cloud.

The company gets the advantages of the cloud microservices architecture: scaling, DevOps, updates without service delays and having the data under control in the cloud at the same time.

Who is it made for 
BRIX Private Cloud

BRIX works as a basic platform for building highly-loaded 
systems with large databases and users.

  • For large companies

    Autoscaling under high load

    It ideally fits into microserviced architecture of the company

    Updates without delays

    DevOps center

  • For large branched chains

    All branches are provided with digital processes

    Coordination processes with the managing company are 3–5 times faster

    Solution can be adapted to each branch

  • For holdings

    Allows to unify and significantly lower the cost of EDM/BPM operation within the holding

    Aligns horizontal and vertical processes

Access to applications 24/7

BRIX Private Cloud is a cloud system operating within a private cloud and organised the same as any cloud system available 24/7.

Kubernetes is responsible for the distribution of resources and maintaining their balance within BRIX Private Cloud. Kubernetes is a de-facto standard for the setup of fail-safe microservice IT systems.

Extension of the system functions is performed simply by introducing new microservice with all necessary functions.

Benefits of the Low-code technology 

Low-code technology significantly decreases the amount of programming when building corporate applications.

Development of applications is done by a single click and takes far less time. Significantly decreases the time from having just an idea to possibility to see the actual end result for the client.

Low-code changes the rules of the game. Instead of a long cycle Requirements - SOW – Implementation – Rework it is possible to immediately move from business-users requirements to the implementation and demonstration of the end result.

Such an approach cuts the need to wait for the availability of the company’s IT specialists.

End-to-end holdings business processes

For more than 10 years BRIX provided the market with the system for managing business processes. It uses the international BPM notation for describing executable business processes. There is no more need for a professional IT specialist for processes modeling. The notation is simple to understand for analysts and business users.

BRIX Private Cloud allows building end-to-end processes between the holding company and its branches. This way we accelerate the vertical relationships within the company and get the tool for establishing communication across devisions and branches.


Incorporate into IT infrastructure with RPA technology

Every well-developed IT infrastructure has systems used for years. Very often the developers team, which has worked on this system is not even in the company anymore. Hence there are often difficulties if needed the integration of these systems.

Modern RPA technology allows you to solve this problem. BRIX RPA makes it easy to perform various manipulations, data collection and data registry into the existing IT system of the company without changing the programming code of this system.

BRIX Private Cloud seamlessly integrates with other our solutions, such as BRIX RPA.

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