External portal BRIX


    Create a unified communication environment
    for company employees, partners, and customers

    Full access for 14 days

Let External Users Participate 
in Your Business Processes

BRIX portal for external users allows you to configure pages in the system that external users can access. 
This is a great way to involve your customers and partners into the company’s processes.

Выведите бизнес-процессы за рамки компании

Unified Environment

Empower anyone to interact with your business processes. Let your partners, contractors, and clients take part in your business processes directly. Your customers can place orders through the system and access documents in a unified environment. Don’t worry about data safety: you can allow access to the necessary parts of the system individually using personal share links.

Единое пространство для взаимодействия внутренних и внешних пользователей
Вовлекайте сервисных сотрудников в процессы компании

Encourage Service Departments to Participate in the Company’s Processes

Use the BRIX Portal to keep in touch with every employee. The Portal will be a perfect fit for staff members who don’t need all the functions of BRIX. At the cost of package licenses, create an HR portal, a portal for field staff, a portal for manufacturing workers, a portal for logistics specialists, etc.

Настройте Внутренний портал для себя

Customize Your Service Portal

Integrated Database

You don’t need to transfer data from one system to another, as all the objects, apps, items, and other data are already stored in BRIX. The administrator can manage the whole system, including the Portal.

Единая база данных
Страницы с изолированным доступом

Role-Based Access to Specific Pages

The Portal features certain BRIX pages that external users can access. These users might not be your employees, but they can access some of the data and functions BRIX offers. Getting a personal share link, your partners and clients can start business processes, create app items, etc.

New external users are automatically organized into one system group, which makes it easy for you to control access permissions. Moreover, you can configure user permissions individually or block a user.

End-to-End Business Processes

The Portal bridges the gap between your employees and your customers. On the Portal, external users can easily start business processes which include operations performed in BRIX and outside the system. For example, a client can place a request, a staff member can process it within the system, and then the client can get the reply by SMS, by email or in the Activity stream on the Portal.

Единые сквозные процессы с основной системой
Большая библиотека стандартных виджетов

Vast Library of Standard Widgets

Use standard widgets to create easy-to-use interfaces without coding. Our universal Low-code designer allows you not only to create your own components, but to reuse these components when you design the Portal.

This feature makes the process much easier and increases development speed manyfold.

Quick Start, Simple Maintenance

Imagine a website you don’t have to code. As your analyst creates the interface using our Low-code designer, all the necessary functions of the Portal are configured quickly and without coding. The Portal allows you to integrate external users into the company’s internal business processes without committing resources to supporting one more system. One person can manage the whole system, including the Portal.

Быстрый запуск, простое обслуживание