Purchase order management

Purchase order management

Optimize time, resources and money saving
with smart low-code procurement processes

Trusted by 3000+ enterprise customers

Infuse transparency at each step of your
procurement process

  • Create purchase request

    Customise your purchase requests with
    flexible forms using drag-and-drop tools.

  • Easily access products and vendors

    Manage products and vendor information in one place. Easily set connection links between them for a quick access

  • Generate invoices and purchase orders

    Easily create automated invoices and purchase orders from the template

  • Automate workflows

    • classify purchase requests and send them to different workflows
    • create custom forms to provide all required purchase information and regulations
    • automate tasks and notifications to shorten the approval process and bring transparency
  • Securely exchange documents with your suppliers

    Make suppliers part of your internal processes. When the information is added on external portal, you can use; it in internal workflow. Check the compliance, approve documents, and add requests.

  • Control your spending with online reports

    Create reports with no-code tools and easily check the RFP status

Build long-term relations with suppliers
and vendors

  • Reduce costs

  • Help employees to comply with procurement regulations

  • Shorten the procurement process

  • Exchange information with your trading partners

Start with a single process and
add more when you are ready

  • Purchase requisition

  • Invoice management

  • Purchase orders

  • Contract management

  • External portal
    for suppliers

  • Performance

  • Compliance

  • E-signature
    pre-built integration

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Constant support at any stage
of the project

  • Implementation services by Senior Low-code experts
  • Training and support for your Regular and Super Users
  • Devoted Project Manager
  • Service Level Agreement

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