Order management

Order management

Deliver a seamless customer experience across selling and fulfillment channels by managing sales orders, customers, and inventory on a single platform

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Organize your unrelated pieces of software

  • Organize individual pieces of software in a single workflow to manage your sales orders with BRIX

    Your sales and production teams may have a communication gap because the software they chose a long time ago is not well-integrated. Order management is about putting all these separated pieces together. With the BRIX platform you can orchestrate your order management with efficient workflows in a single interface.

  • Integrate with any system

    • Open API

    • Pre-built integration modules

    • RPA

Order Management Info

  • Easily accept and manage orders for complex or innovative products

    Use flexible low-code tools to create order forms considering specific features of your product

  • Manage your payment schedule

    Check the payment status and the attached invoices. Store all related invoices for a complex product in a single interface

  • Check order fulfillment

    Make it easier for your warehouse picking team and your delivery team to work with orders. Create tasks, set deadlines and track statuses. Don’t miss a single step in the order fulfillment process

  • Notify your customers of the order status

    Create a customer portal. Let your customers track order statuses and view order details. Securely share delivery documents

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