Low-Code and No-Code Development

Low-code app creator

Create enterprise-grade apps with the simplicity and speed of no-code and unlimited flexibility of low-code

BRIX is a business process based low-code platform. It enables both IT department and business experts to create powerful enterprise solutions in a short term.

BRIX is a business process based low-code platform. It enables both the IT department and business experts to create powerful enterprise solutions in a short time.

With the BRIX low-code platform, you can easily develop business applications and automate any employee and customer workflows.

The low-code approach allows delivering digital solutions like

HR Software
Performance Management
Customer Service Software
Leads and Sales Management
Compliance Management
Procurement Software

and more

The flexibility of the low-code platform enables users to create a unique digital 
environment, fulfill business objectives, and reach the top level of customer 

Cloud Server located in Frankfurt, Germany, for the EU domain

GDPR Compliance

The Cloud Server is located in N.Virginia, USA for NET domain zone

Low-code features overview

Visual application designer

  • With a visual form designer you can develop, edit, and preview business applications.
  • The drag-and-drop tool enables business users to create forms and interfaces from the platform’s pre-set widgets or create custom ones with low-code and reuse them as needed.
  • For automating workflows, the BRIX low-code platform provides a business process visual designer and a library of pre-set business process activity widgets.

Extensions and integrations

BRIX low-code platform provides you with an auto-generated API for business applications. Using web forms, you can easily get data from your website and process it in applications and automated business processes without code.

Scalable features

Using low-code, you can easily scale features of the platform. You can go beyond standard features and automate activities with TypeScript code right within the platform. Using simple scripts, you can create custom reusable blocks for the business process designer, and custom widgets for forms and interfaces, and develop custom modules.

Application access management

The BRIX Low-code platform provides status and dynamic user roles. You can manage access to applications and system objects depending on user roles or positions.

User interface customisation

Using No-code and Low-code tools, you can create a unique digital environment for your customers and employees. You can both apply No-code features or use the Code Widget to follow your corporate design guidelines.

Business process based model

BRIX is a low-code platform based on business processes. The standard graphic elements of BPMN 2.0 are used to describe business processes in BRIX and can be extended with Low-code.

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Six crucial features to speed up your business 
app development with Low-code

  • Pre-set apps for a quick start

    Start using the BRIX low-code platform with pre-set workspaces and modules. Save your time using pre-built libraries and applications connected to Tasks, CRM, Document or Project management

  • Integrations

    Get all information in a single interface. Create an effective workflow that gets data from all your systems. Use an open API to integrate BRIX with your IT environment. Make your digital transformation run smoothly.

  • Training. Become a low-code developer in one month

    Save onboarding time of the project. Get free online training and start creating your own business apps with low-code in one month.

  • In-built collaboration tools to power 
    your app

    Enhance features of your business apps with chats and activity streams. Let your employees collaborate in a single workspace.

  • One-month implementation

    Get benefits from a working solution in one month. With a set of No-code and Low-code tools you can develop and publish in one click.

  • Reusable tools for business users

    Develop new low-code widgets and let business users apply them to forms and workflows.

Get started for free

  • 14-day free trial
  • No credit card required
  • Instant setup

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    How long does it take to develop an application with Low-code?

    The low-code development project duration depends on the complexity of the process you need to automate. In general it takes one month to develop an MVP of the business application with low-code. If you use an application from BRIX store as a starting app then you can get an MVP in a few days. As for a large enterprise solution, the low-code development process may take about 6-9 months and also depends on the number of required integrations with 3rd party systems.

    Can business users make changes in the business processes and applications by themselves?

    Business users can easily make changes in business processes and custom forms using the drag-and-drop tool and pre-set widgets if the access is granted. With low-code, additional blocks can be added and then reused by business users.

    What is the pricing model? Do I need to buy special licenses for an admin user or developer?

    The BRIX standard license is 18$ per month, per user (SaaS). All low-code features are covered by standard license. You don’t need to buy any additional licenses for admin users or developers. Any user can be granted access to work with low-code. Learn more about BRIX low-code platform pricing

    What do you need to know to become a Low-code developer?

    BRIX provides online courses for low-code developers. The courses are available here. The basic course for low-code developers takes about 72 hours including practical tasks. The basic level of Typescriprt is required for advanced low-code developer courses.

    Can I use vendor assistance in first project implementation?

    You can use vendor assistance for the first project and any time you need some help. To speed up the first project you can ask the vendor team for solution implementation. When your own low-code team is ready for the project but still need assistance you may ask for vendor supervision for things like application architecture, integration development or pair programming for a few hours. The time will be delivered on an hourly rate.

    When is the implementation of the low-code platform reasonable for the company?

    The “new normal” requires flexibility from companies of all sizes and industries. A Low-code platform is one of the best tools to fulfill this objective. Either you apply a customer-centric approach, or digital-first, or both at the same time, low-code development allows you to apply changes when they come and save valuable IT resources. BRIX low-code platform is designed for companies.

    • 30-200 users
    • 200-1000 users
    • For companies with 1000+ users the Private Cloud solution is offered.

    What are the benefits of using a business process-based low-code platform?

    Business process based low-code platform allows the user to monitor business processes and find where they can be improved, automated and managed. BPM tools assist in the modeling, monitoring, and identification of bottlenecks and areas for improvement of business processes replacing low-code with no-code. When you implement business process management in your company, you define operations using unambiguous diagrams without involving IT professionals. Settings are made with drag-and-drop and do not require programming knowledge.