Benefits of using BRIX for company managers

For the top managers

  • Implement your ideas faster and easier

    With low-code principles, your journey from idea to real solution will be faster and easier.

  • Make bold promises that you can deliver

    With low-code, you respond to the audience requests 2–3 times faster.

  • Transform your business to adapt quickly in an unstable environment

    Leverage more accessible resources to drive innovation.

Change with Ease!

Implement your ideas faster and easier

  • 10

    years on the market

  • 2000

    become more efficient
    with our products

  • Number 1

    among BPM systems in the CIS according to TAdviser

  • 10 million

    users work in our system

Implement your ideas faster and easier

Timely implementation of an innovative idea requires a fast and flexible tool. Don't waste resources looking for another approach each time to implement an experiment. With low-code principles, your journey from idea to real solution will be faster and easier. Experiment, test, repeat and develop your ideas. Grow your business and win today.

The world is accelerating and digitalizing. Those who do not keep up and think with yesterday's standards are out of the picture. The 2020 isolation period showed how quickly old schemes can stop working. Yesterday's leaders can give way to more skillful and flexible newcomers. Fast change is impossible without agile IT. Therefore, digital transformation tools should not require a serious technical background. Thanks to the low-entry threshold of low-code tools, business users and analysts can implement their ideas and create their own business applications. This is a new reality in which changes take days, not weeks or months.

Aleksei Trefilov CEO at BRIX

Make bold promises to the market
that you can deliver

Maintain reputation of a reliable company that delivers its promises to the market and its customers. With low-code, you respond to the audience requests 2–3 times faster, reach new profit levels and promptly get ahead of competition.

The main reason why we decided on automation is fast company growth. From 1–2 products we rapidly switched to dozens. When we had one product, the process model was clear. As the number of products increased, the number of processes and regulations expanded. The processes became complicated and chaotic, the amount of paperwork was overloading. As a result, the orders were not meeting the deadlines. We got caught up in paper chase, the deadlines expired. We wanted to make progress and stock more items.

Transform your business
to adapt quickly and effectively
in an unstable environment

You need to be able to quickly adapt to changes in the basic business processes within your company to keep the first position in today’s dynamic market. Lack of IT resources is a major constraint for rapid change. That is why the essence of a low-code platform is to be the catalyst for bridging the gap between the requirements of the business, the market and the IT capabilities of the company. Use more resources that are already available to you to innovate and maintain a leading market position.

Release your energy
for positive changes in your company.
Change easier!

  • Air Astana

    BRIX has proven to be a flexible and cost-effective tool. It helped us achieve our main goals: we switched to electronic media, set up the digital signature, digitalized HR and financial processes.

    Roman Bogdashkin

    Roman Bogdashkin

    Director of Enterprise Applications
    and e-Business Development in Air Astana

  • Anorbank

    From the first day, be sure to know exactly which processes you want to implement. BRIX is very flexible.

    Nuriddin Khamidov

    Nuriddin Khamidov

    IT director of Anorbank

  • GS Nanotech

    BRIX has become the company single information space, which stores all the main processes: automated workflows, executive training, end-to-end and service processes, employee coordination.

    Olga Davidova

    Olga Davidova

    Leading business analyst, GS Nanotech

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