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All-in-one platform for employee 
engagement and retention powered 
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Accelerate your business success with people-first culture. 
Start with an employee engagement solution and digitize all employee related 
processes in one platform.

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Employee disengagement and 
turnover cost for the companies 
more than they expect

  • On average, turnover costs an organization $18,591 
    per departing employee.

    Source: Gartner Annual Turnover benchmarking survey, 2018

  • 25% of European employees who are looking for new opportunities simply because they are dissatisfied with their current employment.

    Source: IDC Worldwide Future of Work Survey, April 2021

Explore employee engagement and 
retention tools powered by BRIX

Looking for a solution to design a business process? It’s time to plan a step ahead. 
Automate task creation, document management, product and project lifecycle, suppliers 
and customers relations with the help of process-based platform.

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Put your people first

Empower your team with a digital tool for encouraging employees to achieve company’s 

Benefits of using all-in-one platform 
for everyone

Experience the power of fully customised solution for all HR needs

  • For HR managers

    Keep track of your employee satisfaction, predict and manage turnover. Get unlimited customization to follow your unique corporate culture

  • For Leaders

    Encourage your employees initiatives, keep them visible and cost-effective

  • For Employees

    Feel the real value of what you do and how much it matters for your company

  • For IT department

    Experience benefits of all-in-one low-code platform. Digitize all your company processes within a single platform. Apply changes and add new solutions when you need them with minimum or no help from the IT department.

Use the power of Low-code platform

Get unlimited number of solutions for your HR department for 16 EUR (per license/per month)

Boost performance of your 
employees with best employees- 
centric frameworks

Fulfill your objectives with OKR, plan one-to-one meetings to set up personal goals and get 360 
degrees feedback

What is BRIX

  • Ready-to-use solutions for employee 
    engagement, performance management and 
    talent management
  • Business process management platform for 
    automating any employee related processes with 
    the simple drag-and-drop tool
  • Low-code platform for unlimited flexibility and 
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