Document and contract management

Document and
contract management

Simplify the document lifecycle management for any purpose. Increase productivity of your employees releasing them from routine tasks

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  • Digital archiving

    Securely store files and documents for as long as you need. Document search is simple — you do not need much information to find a record.

  • Document drafting

    Use predefined templates to create documents automatically. You will save time and eliminate the risk
    of any inaccuracies.

  • Approval and workflows

    Integrate transparent approval procedures into your business processes. Automate approval routes to prevent missed deadlines and document loss.

Advanced search

  • Advanced search

    Accurate search across tasks, documents, and apps. Search by authors, dates, names, and other properties and create custom filters.

  • Registration of incoming documents

    Automatic number assignment and document routes are seamlessly adapted to the company’s policies.

  • Secure file sharing

    Built-in approval routes, version control and comments keep all document changes under control.

  • Document lifecycle management

    Control the current status of your documents. Keep documents in order and ensure compliance with regulations.

  • E-signature integration

    Include e-signature in your business processes. Easily sign documents, monitor their status and trace them along the route.

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All-in-one tool for Smart Document Management

  • Document workflow automation
  • Knowledge base
  • Contract lifecycle
  • Invoicing
  • Document drafting

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  • Implementation service or supervising your team for a quick start
  • Training and support for your superusers
  • Devoted project manager
  • Extensive SLA

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