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Digital Workplace

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  • Create a workplace to orchestrate all your needs
    in a single place

    Use low-code and no-code tools for your business goals and create a unique user experience. Create custom business apps to fit your unique requirements.

  • Work remotely and stay engaged with internal workflows

    Easily access any employee or customer workflow. Grow performance and achieve great results working from anywhere with seamless business processes.

  • Start with pre-set task management

    Assign tasks to teams or individual users, set multi-levels approvals and track the performance. Automate task creation, notifications and approvals with simple drag-and-drop tools in workflow designer.

  • Collaborate effectively

    Keep all communications related to the subject in a single place. Send messages to your team and exchange additional information right in the task or process. BRIX provides you with a set of in-built collaboration tools like activity streams, live-chats and messages.

What is a Digital Workplace?

Digital workplace enables you effectively collaborate, access all data and stay engaged
in all tasks, processes and projects. You can use any device and location for work. The digital workplace includes flexible tools and solutions to facilitate an innovative
and collaborative work environment.


Already keep the data in a few systems?

Don’t get lost in multiple software platforms

Combine information from all existing systems into a single process with smart integrations. Use open API and pre-built modules to bridge the systems.

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