Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management

Make your customers happy by building the best communication experience with the custom service management solution

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Omnichannel platform for better customer

  • Easy access to phone call 

    Keep the call history stored in CRM by using the prebuilt VoIP integrations. Identify the customer by phone number and easily access the call details right in action.

  • Streamline the process
    of chat requests

    Create a universal chat center that helps automate the process of handling requests from customers. Integrate the system with Telegram, WhatsApp and other popular messaging platforms. Easily access the full chat history on customers’ profile page.

  • Receive, store and respond to 
    customers’ emails in one place

    Set up a mailbox to receive and store emails in one place. Read customers’ emails in the same window as other communication channels and quickly respond in the same interface.

Automate your ticketing process

  • Automate ticket routing and distribution

    Easily build complex work logic by setting up the rules of automatic calls distribution and classification in the business process with Low-Code. Handle calls with preconfigured workflows according to ITIL recommendations.

  • Ensure with Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    Set SLA levels for each customer category with configured reference guides. Link performance indicators to the company's available plans and services. Choose the actions to be taken by the system when service standards are violated.

Customer’s requests history

Get all the information about the customer in a single Request form

Access all the data that was received throughout the customer's life cycle in one place. View customer's details, check the interaction log, and continue your dialogue right on the request form.

All-in-one platform for communication
with customers and employees

  • Low-code and No-code tools

    Allow you to be flexible and scale your business

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Set up statistical and operational reporting with dashboards, and track key metrics for your company

  • Mobile App

    Lets you maintain access to customer communications and offers full platform functionality

  • Widgets

    allow you to customize the system as you need

  • Manager Dashboard

    Monitor employees’ work in real time - control the speed and quality of responses

  • Open API for integrations

    let the platform link data from different software and sign documents with an electronic signature

  • Workflow designer

    provides you with a set of prebuilt activity blocks, widgets for simple drag-and-drop modeling

  • Chats and activity streams

    connect your employees within the process and the task

Implement in a month*

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Choose between implementation by the vendor's team or by a mixed team, or do it on your own. We will support you at any step with qualified BPM experts, project managers, low-code tutors, and developers.

*The implementation project duration depends on the scope of work and may vary in different projects. One month is an average time for implementation of one process

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