Customer and partners portal

Customer and partner portal

Reach the next level of customer satisfaction, allowing your clients and partners to interact in a 
secure portal

Trusted by 3000+ enterprise customers

Develop a customer-centric strategy with 

“You must win at every interaction the customer has with your organization,” the Gartner says. The 
BRIX customer and partner portal is the solution where all these interactions can take place.

  • Let your customers access any service they need in a second

    Create a secure environment for all your customer and partner services. Set up the portal based on your customers’ needs, easily add new services using low-code tools and support them with seamless workflows.

  • Connect your customer and your employees with seamless workflows

    Let your customers and partners get in touch with any department using seamless workflows. Encourage your customers and partners to start processes by leaving requests on the portal and to track their statuses.

  • Privacy goes first

    Securely share documents that contain personal data or customer order information.

  • Support your corporate identity using low-code designer

    Easily design the interface of your customer portal using low-code and no-code tools. Go beyond standard features with custom page design and still keep your essential workflows.

Constant support at any stage of the project

  • Implementation services by Senior Low-code experts
  • Training and support for your Regular and Super Users
  • Devoted Project Manager
  • Service Level Agreement

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