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Low-code workflow platform that allows you to drive innovation and respond to customer needs based on changes as they come

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  • Business processes for a comfortable Digital workplace

    Work from anywhere and stay involved in the processes as if working side by side with your team. Learn how to create and manage the processes that increase productivity of your team members.

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  • Go beyond standard customer
    workflows with Low-code

    Make flexible Sales processes your competitive advantage. Develop sales processes with your business experts, test and update them when the market changes.

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  • All-in-one platform

    All-in-one platform allows you to sprint your digital strategy with Low-code tools.

    You may easily create enterprise-grade apps or processes with analysts or citizen developers. Refocus your valuable resource on what matters most.

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  • Employee workflows
  • Customer workflows
  • Low-code enterprise app creator
  • Employee workflows

    When employee retention becomes crucial, internal workflows matter most. Easily create custom workflows using BPMN 2.0, reinforce them with custom forms and tasks.

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  • Customer workflows

    Go beyond the Sales process. Create tailor-made Service management, CRM or Procurement management applications to reach a new level of customer satisfaction.

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  • Low-code enterprise
    app creator

    Develop business applications with low-code tools. Save your valuable IT resources and engage business experts, part-time employees and citizen developers in your digital transformation.

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